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A CRO Agency That Produces More Revenue From Your Digital Traffic

The Growth Gap optimizes your site to attract and convert more conversions to skyrocket your revenue.

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Data-Driven Conversion Rate Optimization To Increase Your Value Per Visitor

Does this sound familiar?

- You’re generating plenty traffic to your website or landing pages, yet the conversion rates are falling short of what you would hope for.

-You’re losing too many visitors right before they convert — during the checkout process or while completing a lead form.

- There’s a minor issue on mobile that’s causing potential customers to bounce before they even get past your landing page.

Without a disciplined CRO program (or if your current program could use improvement), you’re likely missing out on hundreds or thousands of conversions each month.

However, if you address these gaps, you could potentially increase revenue by 5%, 10%, or even 20%+ — all without increasing ad spend. Partnering with a top-tier CRO agency can transform this potential into reality.

The Growth Gap has a proven track record of successful conversion rate optimization. We’ve assisted brands like Bicycle Health, Cortec Investment Group and others grow and we can help your business grow too.

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Our CRO strategy will help you uncover your visitors’ needs and overcome their obstacles so that your website or landing page presents the right solutions that turn visitors into paying customers.

This means running qualitative analysis methods like surveys and interviews, using quantitative data to set performance benchmarks, and running and optimizing each experiment.

We can also tell you which channels work best for your target audience, so you can abandon the unprofitable channels and scale the better-performing ones. The result? Lower acquisition costs and higher profits for you.

As one of the best CRO agencies, The Growth Gap's CRO services include:

- CRO audit

- Headline A/B testing

- Qualitative customer surveys

- Target audience research

- Customer journey analysis

- Usability testing

- Landing page design audit

- Segmentation

- Website personalization

- Split testing

- And much more

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We Specialize in HIGH-ROI CRO Campaigns & Strategy Focused on Revenue

Featured Case Study: Love Stories TV

YoY Funnel Efficiency Gains From Visit To Submission


The goal was maximize the volume of traffic the site was generating and turn more visitors into customers.


Love Stories TV analytics and tracking systems were not built in an effective structure, making it impossible to know how or what customers are needing from their site.


The Growth Gap set up GA4 analytics, implemented heat map and session recordings, target audience research and segmentation, and using collected data from analytics and calls to launch several new landing page tests.



Six months after launching these experiments, Love Stories TV saw significant gains in revenue without having to change any channels. Key improvements included a 112% YoY conversion rate increase, 54% MoM revenue increase, and a 29% YoY average customer value increase.

Catering each product category uniquely to the customer segments that are exploring those products can significantly increase the customer experience and trust of the website. This strategy shows the importance of truly understanding how a customer wants to interact with your business.



Conversion Rate


Revenue Increase


Avg. Customer Value

Their expertise has helped CopilotIQ consistently hit new revenue goals month after month.
"The Growth Gap has been a key player is scaling our business giving us forward-thinking, growth-impacting marketing. Their expertise has helped CopilotIQ consistently hit new revenue goals month after month."


Director of Marketing, CopilotIQ

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