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SEO Agency Focused on Increasing Your Rankings & Revenue via Organic Search

The Growth Gap's expert SEO & content marketing team will increase your online visibility, search rankings, and website traffic.

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Growing Your Business and Increasing Your SEO Revenue Organically

Does this sound like your business?:

- You’re overly dependent on paid ads and not seeing enough ROI

- You want to enhance your PPC efforts with SEO for more success

- You’re trying to attract high-intent visitors (who are eager to buy your product or service) to your website

- You want to improve brand credibility by showing up in the SERPs for your business’ keywords

- You want to improve the user engagement rate on your site

- You need more sales of your top-notch products

Without a properly optimized website, your chances of appearing in the search engines are practically nil – and that means you are missing out on tons of extra, targeted, quality traffic.

But by applying professional SEO to your entire site, and getting that coveted #1 position in Google, you could see a CTR of up to 34.2%, an ROI of up to 12.2x of your marketing spend, and reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 87.41%.

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At The Growth Gap, we use smart, innovative, cutting-edge SEO strategies to find the right leads for your business, build marketing funnels that turn them into users, and ensure better ROI for your campaigns.

We are skilled and certified in SEO, CRO, PPC and content marketing, as well as NFT, crypto and web 3.0 marketing!

We always provide a custom SEO plan for our clients, but in general it consists of:

- SEO goal evaluation and KPI setting

- Keyword research

- Competitor analysis

- UX evaluation

- Technical SEO and infrastructure analysis

- Link profile audit and outreach link-building services

- Voice search optimization

- Core web vitals optimization

- Authority building

- Content marketing and optimization

- Regular SEO A/B testing

- Conversion tracking

- Google Search Console and Google Analytics monitoring

- Regular reporting

- And much more

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We Are Experts at Running HIGH-ROI SEO Campaigns For Businesses

Featured Case Study: CopilotIQ

Rebrand and Increase in Web Performance


The goal was to create a new brand experience while also driving higher conversion rates in improve customer journey.


The companies offerings were large and complicated to communicate without feeling overwhelming to the customer.


The Growth Gap created a fresh feel to the site using data from heat maps and analytics that built more trust to customers while communicating higher value information at the right steps to encourage submissions.



Three months after launching, we saw a 230% increase of time on page from customers and a conversion rate lift of over 45% from page visit to enrollment driving more and better qualified traffic.

Understanding your customers and guiding their informational journey with the right products at the right places is a catalyst for performance.



Time on Page


Visit to Enrollment


Form Submissions

Their expertise has helped CopilotIQ consistently hit new revenue goals month after month.
"The Growth Gap has been a key player is scaling our business giving us forward-thinking, growth-impacting marketing. Their expertise has helped CopilotIQ consistently hit new revenue goals month after month."


Director of Marketing, CopilotIQ

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