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Paid Advertising Agency That Helps You Acquire New Customers Effiecntly.

The Growth Gap’s paid advertising experts ensure that you always get the maximum return on your online advertising investment.

Maximize Ad Returns
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OUR FOCUS: Getting Your Ads on Platforms Where Your Audience Is Most Likely to Convert

To help you reach your growth goals faster, your ads need to attract maximum engagement. Our paid media professionals will create ad content based on your target buyer persona that drives action. 

The Growth Gap's dedicated paid media team knows how to research the best keywords, find the ad platforms where your target audience is present, provide world-class creatives, and take care of media buying with a team of specialists on each platform.

We can help you succeed by simultaneously managing multiple advertising channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, Hulu and TikTok. Plus, our expert copywriters, designers and video editors will create truly outstanding ads that cut through the noise and drive down your CPAs (even if you’ve struggled with high CPAs before).

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Increasing conversions (and Return On Ad Spend) is our top priority. We create well-structured ad campaigns and leverage ad copywriting best practices to elevate your conversion rates in no time.

When it comes to paid search, our ad campaign structure typically has four categories: brand core, brand pillars, brand attributes, and long tail. This structure allows us to capture and convert as much non-brand search demand as possible, while maximizing your ROAS on branded search.

Our paid advertising professionals audit your current ad accounts to identify the issues and provide solutions to fix them so that you improve performance as soon as possible. Here’s what you’ll get when you work with the experts at The Growth Gap:

- Competitor analysis

- Ad creation & optimization

- ROI measurement & reporting

- Campaign optimization

- In-depth keyword discovery

- Regular campaign reports

- Advanced campaign consulting

- Landing page & CRO recommendations

- Note: We can take care of your entire conversion rate optimization strategy, too.

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We Specialize in High-Converting Paid Ad Campaigns with a Strict Focus on ROAS

Featured Case Study: Kleiman Evangelista

YoY Growth in Efficiency through Paid Media Strategy


The goal was to reach a highly targeted audience using google ads and meta to increase more appointments and surgeries. 


Because of the Hipaa regulations, we were not able to target our key demographic directly. Targeting a wide net was causing a high CAC and they had no tracking from ads to revenue. 


The Growth Gap changed the marketing strategy, shifted budgets, and focused on expanding established channels like Google and Meta. We also updated their tracking on calls, forms, and following users into their funnel for more transparent ROAS.



Six months after launching the new strategy, Kleiman saw significant lead gen gains in general appointments and higher value symptom appointments. Key improvements included a 22% YoY increase in appointments, 32% YoY increase in conversion rate, and 26% increase in revenue. 

Expanding to new channels and targeting higher value customers can significantly enhance efficiency and maintain revenue. This strategy demonstrates the importance of evolving advertising approaches to meet your target audience.



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Their expertise has helped CopilotIQ consistently hit new revenue goals month after month.
"The Growth Gap has been a key player is scaling our business giving us forward-thinking, growth-impacting marketing. Their expertise has helped CopilotIQ consistently hit new revenue goals month after month."


Director of Marketing, CopilotIQ

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